In addition to composting management, Rich Flammer and his merry band of associates work on a diverse array of resource management projects, including Zero Waste plans, education, public outreach, source reduction, landfill diversion, producer responsibility, resource conservation, toxic-free landscaping and agriculture, and the highest and best use of all discarded materials.

Of course, most of what we landfill is organics, and the highest and best use of this material is returning it to the soil. That’s why composting management is such a critical component of any successful resource management strategy. Rich has eighteen years of composting management experience in seven U.S. states and Mexico, and has designed, permitted, managed, evaluated, consulted for, and/or remediated approximately seventy large-scale composting facilities for both private and public sector clients. He has also designed and implemented both university and public sector composting research projects. Drawing from an educational background in public relations, communications, and journalism, Rich develops home composting demonstration exhibits, education and publicity programs, and writes manuals, research papers, articles for industry publications, and workshop curricula.

Realizing that composting and agriculture are natural allies, we have recently begun working more closely with farmers and ranchers, helping them with business development, permitting, composting management, public relations, end-product development and marketing. We are also engaged in persuading local regulatory agencies to modify policies and land use rules to facilitate more composting and better resource management on ag lands.

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