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Certainly not composting and agriculture! They’ve had a beautiful relationship for centuries. So why did they did become divorced? Click on the links below to learn how Hidden Resources is trying to save the marriage.

Watch Sam the Cooking Guy and Rich teach horse owners some composting fundamentals (with an emphasis on fun!)

Organic residuals that end up in the landfill don’t belong there! Composting and agriculture makes far more sense. See Rich’s PowerPoint™ presentation, “Getting Organic Discards Back to Where they Belong... The Composting/Farm Connection,” from his talk at the 31st Annual CRRA Conference on July 30, 2007, in San Pedro, California.

Read about the County of San Diego’s agricultural prominence and the promise organic discards hold to reconnect composting and agriculture, sustaining the vitality of the region’s colorful, diverse, culturally and economically important farmland.

Greening the Big Island: Why Zero Waste makes dollars and sense for the County of Hawai'i.

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