Compost Management Success Stories
Some kind words from a few of the people we’ve worked with...

"During the contracts that we had Rich work for us here in the county, he proved that he is full of excellent ideas about organics management, plus he is a fine writer."

Wayne T. Williams, PhD
Program Coordinator
Solid Waste Planning and Recycling
Department of Public Works
County of San Diego, California

“It is my pleasure to personally thank you for taking part in the “Regional Challenges/Regional Solutions: Recycling and Waste Management in San Diego and Tijuana” Workshop. I appreciate your willingness to spend some time with us teaching and learning about the progress occurring as well as the possibilities for more bi-national cooperation on environmental issues. Your knowledge of regional recycling initiatives in the area of organics and your recommendations for future endeavors on both sides of the border was of great value to the roundtable discussion you moderated in the afternoon.”

Richard L. Hays
Director, Environmental Service Department
City of San Diego

“Thank you for the time and thought you put into your comments, for providing filming locations and composting tools, and for making personal appearances in the video, Home Composting, Turning Your Spoils into Soil!”

Kathy (K.C.) Alexander
State of Connecticut
Department of Environmental Protection

“As both a member of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Council of Stamford and a staff member of the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, I would like to thank you for providing such a comprehensive composting demonstration exhibit.”

Patricia Standaert
Assistant Director of Education
Stamford Museum and Nature Center
Stamford, Connecticut

“When I first spoke to you on the phone and told you I was a teacher who wanted to do what I could to help educate my second graders (with the hope of this expanding into the school and community), I felt “lost” as to where to begin, and who to call, You were so helpful in giving me contacts, who I called, and in delivering to me a very useful program to teach children recycling. Thanks so much for your efforts, words of encouragement, materials and, most of all, caring. My students, and indeed the whole town, are beneficiaries of your involvement.”

Anita Goldschmidt
Rockland County School District
Rockland County, New York

“A special thanks for supporting our recycling efforts. Because of you, we are “Brewing Solutions for a Better Environment.” We at Anheuser-Busch and Sea World value your commitment to the environment.”

Shari Sehlhorst
Recycling Manager
Sea World of California

“The members of the Stamford Environmental Education Coalition extend our most sincere appreciation to you for helping us to educate the people of Stamford and the rest of Fairfield County about the environment.”

Rachael Finn
Stamford Environmental Education Coalition
Stamford, Connecticut

“Thank you for the efforts you put forth to make this year’s Enviro Fair a truly successful event!”

Nancy Strauss, Resource Conservation Coordinator
Del Mar Fairgrounds
Del Mar, California

"Thanks so much for making the additional trip and installing the signs. They look terrific... We're very happy!!!"

Kathryn Goddard
Shipley Nature Center
Huntington Beach, California

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